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Be part of something special: a 20th Anniversary Commemorative Book honoring and remembering the real-life heroes of 9/11 from the heart of children across America. At Global Game Changers we believe actions speak louder than words, especially as it applies to the powerful and important words “Never Forget 9/11”. This service project will serve as a way to speak loudly through action and ensure that the youth of today and the youth of tomorrow, truly Never Forget 9/11. It will be presented to the NYC, Pentagon, and Shanksville memorials in 2021 and serve as an online visual and printed tangible commemorative gift that will survive for generations.

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How to Join

Submissions Due:

First Year: September 30, 2020
Second Year: September 30, 2021

Lesson Plan

Lesson Type(s)Grade(s)Description

Social-Emotional, Arts & Crafts, Service, Social Studies

K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Join students across the country using art to remember 9/11 and inspire others to never forget.

Activity PrepMaterialsHeart Badges


Paper, Markers/crayons, Pencils, Art supplies

Rescue, Veterans, Human Rights, General



EXPLAIN: We have been learning all about 9/11.

DISCUSS: Is there something you particularly remember, or something that made a big impression on you based on what you’ve learned about 9/11?

EXPLAIN: Do you remember in the Global Game Changers video “Learning 9/11” that Pia asked for kids’ help in remembering and honoring 9/11? Well, today, you’re going to get a chance to join students all over the country in sharing 9/11 in your own artistic way. Global Game Changers is going to create a book of student art that will be featured at 9/11 memorials in order to teach all the visitors about 9/11 and how we remember it. How cool! We are going to submit what you create to Global Game Changers and they will create a book of items for people to learn about 9/11.



  1. Think about something you want other people to know about 9/11, or how you want to remember it.
  2. It has to fit on a piece of paper, but it can be a picture, writing, or combination of both!
  3. Plan what you want to include on a separate sheet of paper.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a friend or teacher.
  5. Transfer your plans to your final piece and finish it!
  6. Make sure to put your name on it.
  7. Share your piece with the class.

EXPLAIN: I’m going to scan each page in and send it to the Global Game Changers. Just think, your drawing or writing might help teach someone else about 9/11! It could also end up in a book that is sold at one of the national memorial sites!


DISCUSS: In what other ways can we help people remember and honor the sacrifices of 9/11?