Washington, DC

This lesson goes along with the Washington, DC Gallery.

Lesson Type(s) Grade(s) Description

Arts & Crafts, Service, Social Studies, Language Arts

3rd, 4th, 5thh

Create a Pentagon 9/11 fact book.

Activity Prep Materials Heart Badges


Pentagon Book template, Pencils, Markers/crayons, Scissors



EXPLAIN: The Pentagon is the headquarters of the Department of Defense, it was that before 9/11 and continues to be the headquarters today. It is called The Pentagon because it is shaped that way, and actually includes 5 smaller pentagon rings inside the outside shape. It is home to the military.

DISCUSS: What are the branches of the military?

EXPLAIN: In fact, the Pentagon was undergoing renovations on 9/11, which meant that some people who might have otherwise been working at the crash site had left their offices.


VISIT: Washington, DC Gallery on the 9/11 Lesson site: https://911lesson.org/washington-dc/


  1. Explore the Washington, DC Gallery.
  2. Find the answer to these 5 questions:
    1. Who is someone in the attack or aftermath that you admire?
    2. What is something you learned about the attack?
    3. What branches did the military members who died represent?
    4. How is 9/11 commemorated at the Pentagon?
    5. How can you remember what happened at the Pentagon?
  3. Create a Pentagon book of these answers.
  4. Decorate your book.
  5. Share your book with a friend.


DISCUSS: The Pentagon used the 9/11 attacks to become more prepared to address terrorism in the future. How can you use something bad that happened to become more prepared for the future?