This lesson goes along with the Victims Gallery.

Lesson Type(s) Grade(s) Description

Social-Emotional, Arts & Crafts, Service, Social Studies

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Create a portrait of a victim and remember them as a human being.

Activity Prep Materials Heart Badges


Paper, Art supplies

Rescue, General


EXPLAIN: 9/11 was a tragic day in our history. Many people lost their lives due to the terrorist attacks.

DISCUSS: How do you or your family remember people you know who have died?

EXPLAIN: Today, we’re going to honor some of the victims of 9/11.



  1. Visit the Victims Gallery at the 9/11 Lesson site:
  2. Choose a victim.
  3. Learn more about the person who died.
  4. Draw a picture of their face as a bust.
  5. Around the picture, draw or write things that describe the victim (like job, family, favorite things, or other information).

EXPLAIN: It is important that we remember people not just as victims, but also as real people who brought something positive into the world. Every year, in cities around the country, they read each victim’s name on September 11th to remember those who died. Today, we’re going to do a mini version.


  1. When I call your name, stand up.
  2. Share your victim’s name, one think you learned about him/her, and the picture you created.
  3. Everyone else should listen respectfully.


DISCUSS: How can we honor the memory of the people who died?