New York City, NY

This lesson goes along with the New York City, NY Gallery.

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Social-Emotional, Arts & Crafts, Service, Social Studies

K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5thh

Learn about 9/11 in NYC and create your own I HEART NY design to honor the city.

Activity Prep Materials Heart Badges


I HEART NY Templates, Art supplies, Pencil, Markers/Crayons



EXPLAIN: New York City is home to millions of people from everywhere in the United States and the world. People come to visit from even more places each year, either for work or for fun. After the terrorist attack, so many people were sad not only because of the terribleness of the attack itself, but also because they knew and loved New York City.

DISCUSS: What do you know about New York City?

EXPLAIN: One of the ways people did and do show their love for NYC is through a classic design, I HEART NY, which can be found on everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers to whatever you can imagine! People wore that symbol a lot in the days of 9/11 to show support for New York City and its people.


VISIT: The New York City Gallery on the 9/11 Lesson Website:

DISCUSS: What do you admire about New York City based on what you’ve learned about 9/11?

EXPLAIN: We are going to show our love by decorating I HEART NY pages with things we admire about New York City in the aftermath of 9/11.


  1. Decorate your page however you want.
  2. Share what you chose and why.

DEFINE: Resilience: the ability to recover quickly from difficult events.

EXPLAIN: The people of New York showed resilience in rebuilding their city, and your page will honor that resilience.


DISCUSS: How can you use New York’s example to build up your own resilience?