Explore this site to find out what happened on September 11, 2001, and how it changed the world forever.

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Watch the Global Game Changers’ LEARNING 9/11 movie, as the other Global Game Changers characters teach
Pia about what happened on that day sad day in American history and learn along with her.

As featured in:

9/11 Book Reading

Join Saved by the Bell star Haskiri Velazquez for a reading of our latest story!

Stair Climb Challenge

Teach students valuable skills of persistence with the 9/11 Stair Climb Challenge!

Service Projects

Engage in service to honor 9/11’s
real-life heroes!

Calling All Artists!

Submit your 9/11-inspired artwork to be included in our 20th Anniversary Commemorative Book!

9/11 Lessons

Explore grade-appropriate
9/11 lessons.

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Thank you to the sponsors who have made this possible. 

GGC wishes to thank the individuals who worked tirelessly to make this project possible.

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For any questions concerning The 9/11 Lesson: Celebrating Real-Life Superheroes, email info@globalgamechangers.org. To access more of our FREE social emotional learning curriculum, please register here.

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