Slide Slide Slide Empathy Starts With Global Game Changers We have a unique and specialized Pre-K-5th grade 9/11 Lesson for Parents & Educators. Click to get started! Slide Slide Learn About The Heroes Our Virtual Museum helps guide kids through stories of families, religious communities, and first responders from the attacks on 9/11. Learn different perspectives from an impactful day in U.S history. Slide

Join us in understanding and exploring September 11th, 2001, a difficult day in American history. Play the role of some of the heroes who worked hard to help others that day. Explore a virtual museum that will give you a glimpse into what happened. And learn how you can engage in service to honor those who died, were injured, and responded, and to become the next generation of real-life superheroes.

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Watch the GGC LEARNING 9/11 movie, as the other Global Game Changers characters teach
Pia about what happened on that day sad day in American history and learn along with her.

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Founded in 2013, Global Game Changers Student Empowerment Program (GGC), a 501(c)(3), is an innovative evidence-based social-emotional learning solution that uses service-learning as a vehicle to empower students to IGNITE GOOD! and give back using our equation: MY TALENT+MY HEART=MY SUPERPOWER. Nurturing the whole child, students develop skills in leadership, empathy, and character that lead to successful and engaged citizens. Using engaging tools, our program incorporates the GLOBAL GAME CHANGERS, a team of fictional scrappy kid superheroes who help real-life kids discover their unique superpower to IGNITE GOOD! and battle their archnemesis, Krumi, a dark cloud who spreads apathy throughout the world. GGC’s curriculum promotes deeper learning experiences for in-school, at-home, and out-of-school applications via its user-friendly online educator platform. Committed to equitable access for all, our curriculum is privately funded by the Lift a Life Novak Family Foundation and FREE to educators and parents nationwide.

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Thank you to the sponsors who have made this possible, particularly AmeriCorps. 

GGC wishes to recognize the amazing people who worked tirelessly to make this project possible.
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