Hero Honor Flag

Create your own flag to honor an American hero with popsicle sticks. Scroll below to see how you might include this craft projects as part of a larger lesson or discussion!

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Social-Emotional, Social Studies, Service

K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Create a flag to honor a hero.

Activity Prep Materials Heart Badges


Dowels: half-inch by half-inch square dowels OR standard craft sticks (4.5″x3/8″), Flag Union sticker OR Flag union printout and blue crayon, red paint, white paint, paintbrush, glue

Rescue, Veterans


EXPLAIN: The terrorists of September 11, 2001, wanted to destroy the United States. After the attacks, people showed their patriotism by wearing and displaying the American flag. They wanted to make sure that the world could see that they had damaged our country but not defeated it. Today, we’re going to make a flag to honor a hero you know, just like the people who honored the United States after 9/11.



  • Choose who you want to honor.
  • Create your flag base:
    • Using square dowel sticks:
      • (If applicable) Paint 7 sticks red and 6 sticks white.
      • Spread glue down one side of a red dowel stick.
      • Glue a white dowel stick to the red dowel stick.
      • Repeat this process, alternating red and white sticks, until you run out.
    • Using popsicle sticks
      • Take 26 regular-size popsicle sticks. Paint 14 sticks red and 12 sticks white.
      • Glue the corners of one red stick and one unpainted jumbo popsicle stick together so they are perpendicular to each other and form half of a square or diamond.
      • Glue a second unpainted stick perpendicular to the red stick you’ve already glued at its other end, but so that the red stick only covers half of the unpainted stick.
      • Take another red stick and glue it to the other half of the unpainted stick, then glue your last unpainted stick to its other end.
      • Alternate red and white sticks down your unpainted frame.
  • Add your union (stars and blue):
    • Use GGC’s American Flag Union Sticker OR
    • Print out GGC’s American Flag Union and glue it on OR
    • Calculate the size your union should be, and draw it out on blank paper as best you can, then glue it on!
  • Place your union in the top left corner of your flag.
  • Write a special note on the back for the person you want to honor. Present your flag to your honoree!


DISCUSS: What other symbols can we use to honor our heroes?