Culture and Me: A 4th Grade Lesson

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Social-Emotional, Social Studies/p>


Learn about Islam, and explore differences between yourself and your classmates.

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Human Rights


EXPLAIN: The world is made up of people who have different cultures.

DEFINE: Culture is the art, customs, achievements, and the way people interact with others of a particular community, country, religious, or other social group. Let’s learn more.

WATCH: Cultures of the World | A fun overview of the world cultures for kids: 

DISCUSS: What makes up your culture?

EXPLAIN: On 9/11, terrorists from the group Al Qaeda attacked the United States. They were Muslim extremists.

DEFINE: Extremist: a person who has extreme views about politics or religion that is not usual for other people.

EXPLAIN: Unfortunately, after the 9/11 attacks, some Americans attacked the Islamic people who were living among them, despite the fact that those Muslims in no way agreed with Al Qaeda’s understanding of Islam. That’s kind of like a teacher punishing all kids who have striped shirts because two kids with striped shirts got in a fight today. Today, we’re going to learn more about Islam and why it’s important to avoid stereotypes.


EXPLAIN: Let’s learn more about the religion of Islam.

WATCH: Introduction to Islam | Belief | Oprah Winfrey Network:


  • How is Islamic culture similar to your own culture?
  • How is Islamic culture different from your own culture?

EXPLAIN: Learning about Islam and other cultures is one way that you can help correct people who make mistakes and assumptions about what other people believe. Today, we’re going to get a chance to think about how we are each unique and different so that we can be accepting of other people and cultures.


  • Find a partner.
  • Ask your partner to describe 5-10 things that make him/her different.
  • Reverse roles.
  • Each partner should draw a picture of what their partner explained that makes them unique or different.
  • Once your picture is complete, give it to your partner.

DISCUSS: What did you learn about your partner you didn’t know before?


DISCUSS: How can we stand up to people who stereotype other people based on the way that they look, act, or speak?