Lt. Col. Curt Nutbrown, U.S. Army

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Lt. Col. Curt Nutbrown was working at the Pentagon when American Airlines Flight 77, with 184 innocent people aboard, crashed into the western side of the building. Despite overwhelming destruction and many losses, he survived, managing to pull himself and others from the wreckage. Afterward, he would go on to serve as a Casualty Assistance Officer during the rescue efforts and, many years later, become the Founder and Managing Director of The Heroes Support Brigade. Despite the pain he has endured, not just from the attacks, but from the “Ground Zero illness” that resulted from them, he has continued to IGNITE GOOD!™ for the people and country he believes in. That makes him a Real Life Superhero in our eyes! Watch the video to listen the story from the man himself.

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Source: Vimeo, Amerika in Augsburg

Video by: Global Game Changers

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