Safety Plans: A 1st Grade Lesson

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Social Emotional, Social Studies


Explore safety in children’s lives by reading a book and considering scenarios.

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My No No No Day book or video, Scenarios list



EXPLAIN: Teachers, parents, and other people we love have all taught us ways to stay safe. At school we don’t run down hallways, at home we lock our doors, in cars we wear seatbelts, and on the streets, we look both ways before we cross the street. 


  1. Brainstorm 3 safety practices or rules that keep you safe at home.
  2. Share with the class.


  1. Brainstorm 3 safety practices or rules that keep you safe at school.
  2. Share with the class.


  • Brainstorm 3 safety practices that keep you safe outside.
  • Share with the class.

EXPLAIN: On 9/11, terrorists made people unsafe by flying planes into buildings. But the people who knew what to do were more likely to make it out of those buildings safely.


EXPLAIN: We’re going to learn more about safety by reading a book. As I read, raise your hand quietly each time you think Bella is being unsafe.

READ: My No No No Day by Rebecca Patterson 


  • What were times that Bella was unsafe?
  • How could she change her behavior to be safer?

EXPLAIN: Now, I’m going to share different scenarios that might happen to you some time in your life.

GROUP: Students into 4 groups.


  • I will give you your scenario.
  • Together, think about ways you can be safe.
  • Make a plan that will get your family, friends, and yourself to safety if this situation were to happen to you.
  • Share your plan with the class.


DISCUSS: Why is it important to have safety rules for all areas of your life?


If you wake up at night and smell smoke, what are some things you could do to make sure your family is safe?

If you are with a friend on the playground and the fall and hurt themselves how could you make sure they are safe?

If you and your cousin are outside playing and a stranger offers you some candy, what are some things you can do?

It is time to go to lunch at school, how do you safely get to the cafeteria with your classmates?