News Flash

This lesson goes along with the News Flash Gallery.

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Social-Emotional, Arts & Crafts, Service, Social Studies

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Consider how reporters had to stay calm during 9/11, and create a Calm Down Box.

Activity Prep Materials Heart Badges

Research items to make to help kids calm down. Choose materials based on your list.

Calm Down List, Box, Chosen materials



EXPLAIN: Newscasters often have to work to keep their cool when they are reporting on difficult situations, speaking with people they really agree or disagree with, or reporting from the field.


  • Have you ever seen a news reporter reporting from difficult conditions like weather or danger? 
  • Have you ever seen a news reporter break in with new or startling news?
  • How did s/he react in those situations?

EXPLAIN: News reporters try to keep their cool because good news reporters believe it is important to report the truth.


  1. Listen to me say the same phrase with three emotions.
  2. Consider which one you believe the most.
  3. Say the phrase “A cow turned purple yesterday” with three dramatically different emotions.

DISCUSS: Which one did you believe the most? Why?

EXPLAIN: News reporters reporting on 9/11 had to keep their cool while reporting on an event that could have made them mad, scared, or many other emotions. Let’s watch how they reported the news.

VISIT: “News Flash” Gallery on the 9/11 Site:

DISCUSS: What did you observe?

EXPLAIN: Today, we’re going to explore some ways to keep our cool when we’re reporting on difficult situations.



  1.  Turn and talk to a partner about how you calm down during a difficult situation. 
  2. Then share with the class.

EXPLAIN: Today, we are going to make a calm down box to keep in our class for when you experience a tough situation and need to calm down before you talk about it. We will keep strategies in there, as well as tools to help you calm down.

DISCUSS: What should we include in our calm-down box?

OPTIONAL: Review the items included on GGC’s Calm Down list you can make yourself.

CREATE: The calm-down box as a class.


DISCUSS: How can we use our calm down box to make sure we tell the truth and act with respect?