Entertainment Effects

The September 11th attacks had a significant impact on the world, especially the entertainment industry. Shortly after the attacks, the United States and several other countries postponed, edited, or even cancelled television shows and movies that portrayed terrorism, plane crashes, bombs, or any other imagery related to the 9/11 attacks.

Edited Films

Films released in the months directly after 9/11 were often edited to remove any references to the tragic events. Most famously, the teaser trailer and promotional poster for Spider-Man was altered so that the Twin Towers could no longer be seen in the background.

Delayed films

In the wake of national tragedy, many movies were delayed so that they would not come out during the time of crisis. The release of Collateral Damage, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was delayed by four months because the movie featured a terrorist bombing.

Cancelled films

Due to the nation’s sensitivity after 9/11, some filmmakers decided it was best to cancel their productions altogether instead of risking the release of something with possibly offensive themes. James Cameron proved to be among this crowd when he cancelled his sequel to the 1990’s action hit True Lies.

Non-altered films

Some films released after 9/11, including Vanilla Sky from director Cameron Crowe, decided to keep the scenes featuring the World Trade Center instead of removing them. These decisions were often met with criticism from the public.

Other changes

Many movies were altered simply because there was a chance that a theme or image might remind people of 9/11, even if the movie had no direct links to the event. The film Spy Game, for example, reduced the size of a tower of smoke because the studio thought it looked too similar to shots of the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks.

With the World Trade Center added

Many filmmakers have used computer-generated imagery (CGI) to add the World Trade Center into films and television series that were set before 9/11. The 2005 film Munich, for example, which takes place in 1977, has a scene with the Twin Towers in the background.

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